Over the last few summers, the citizens of Georgia learned many lessons about the importance of our water resources due to less than average rainfall. At this time, we face an extraordinary situation over the usage of water from Lake Lanier, due to a decision from a Florida court.

As Judge Paul Magnuson noted in his ruling, “Congress authorized and paid for the Buford Dam and gave the Corps authority to operate the dam. Congress specified, however, that the Corps’ authority
was not without limits.”

Being in possession of the water resource itself, the State of Georgia has more than the upper hand when negotiating this issue; in fact, we hold all the cards.

What is ours is ours.

Years of lawsuits have gotten us nowhere. We must now support our Congressional delegation to get this problem solved in the next three years. It is imperative we work with Georgia’s Congressional Delegates in Washington to ensure OUR needs here are met before the desires of the Federal Government.

Until Georgia wins back control over her natural resources, it is up to local governments to eliminate the price controls that have led to irresponsible use and waste of water. You, the Consumer – not your government – should control the price of water.

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