Transportation has long been an issue for Georgia. Anyone who drives in Metro Atlanta, or any of our metropolitan areas, knows there is a problem.

During the 2009 legislative session, leaders were unable to come to an agreement on a new funding mechanism for transportation. While my potential opponents in this race, both Democrat and Republican, support billions in new taxes to pay for road expansion, new roads and mass transit, I oppose.

There would be no call to increase the tax burden on Georgians by billions of dollars if the money the current elected officials had were being spent wisely and effectively.

As your Governor, I will encourage the Georgia Department of Transportation to perform a cost-benefit analysis on every project currently on the books. There is no need in wasting valuable and precious resources if a project will yield little return or ridership. Taxpayers expect better use of their hard earned dollars.

I will pursue more public-private partnerships and work to expand market based solutions such as tolls and HOT lanes, which have proven successful in other parts of the country at reducing traffic.

I will also actively oppose any attempt to raise the gas tax and will veto any attempt to use the gas tax to funnel funding to any project other than our highways and roads.

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