Tax Reform

Over the last few years there has been a tremendous focus on the state’s budget. The state legislature has continued out of control spending, paying for it with additional fees and taxes, coupled with taxpayer funds through federal stimulus spending. Rather than concentrating on how to generate MORE tax revenue to pay for the budget, the leaders of the state Senate and General Assembly failed the taxpayers, as they should have worked tirelessly to reduce spending.

Several states rely solely on a sales tax to meet their budgetary needs, including Florida and Texas, two economies which thrive not only in the United States, but also on the Global Economic Front. Georgia must join those states by pursuing a gradual phase out of the state income tax in favor of a consumption tax combined with local revenue sharing.

We have seen our tax code used in a way that persecutes the successful or discourages the less fortunate. Tax breaks for special interest groups do not help the vast majority of Georgians and they must be obliterated. We must end the current Pay to Play system that the special interest rely on to protect themselves at the detriment to the majority of Georgians. The corporate income tax in Georgia costs more to pursue than it brings in each year and is primarily used for favoritism. This must be eliminated completely.

Government cannot encourage growth and prosperity unless they stay out of the way and allow each Georgian to pursue their own vision of personal welfare.

As Governor, I will use the authority of my office to lower your financial burden by reducing or eliminating the state’s portion of the property tax and I will push the General Assembly to make it permanent. I will also advocate to stabilize the state’s gas tax at a lower rate. I will work tirelessly to rid us of the income and property tax and move to a more agreeable and stable consumption tax. The portion needed to run local government will remain local. It will not be funneled through state government, where the funds must be begged back, only fractions are returned and those fractions come with strings attached. It’s time we have tax reform that is fair and rewards the productive, responsible and efficient.

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