As the economy struggles, nearly every Georgian is thinking about jobs. In our fair state, the rate of unemployment has risen since the end of 2008, and currently stands steadily near 10%, despite efforts by the federal and state governments to “fix” the problem through spending and further regulation of businesses.

Those actions have prolonged the economic conditions we are experiencing, and continued
intervention will perpetuate it. What we need government to do is GET OUT OF THE WAY. Our entrepreneurs and business leaders need less government in their day-to-day operations to regain a prosperous economy for all Georgians.

Let’s remove the barriers not only to existing businesses, but also to new industries as well. Casino gambling, parimutuel betting (horse racing) and industrial hemp industries should be allowed to set up shop here in Georgia. The economic boom of tens of billions of dollars would result and will make Georgia the economic envy of the nation.

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